With 26 years of guiding under my belt, I am a dynamic and enthusiastic professional naturalist/guide who has made a career of sharing nature with others.  My experience ranges from guiding multi-day backpacking trips throughout Glacier National Park to leading high-end natural history trips in various locations around the globe. I have dedicated my life to raising environmental awareness through relevant, first-hand encounters with our natural world. I am passionate about all things “nature” but also feel that incorporating culture and history adds relevance and insight to the experience. I am a current Wilderness First Responder and make the safety of participants, as well as the safety of the environment, a serious priority while at the same time providing a fun, educational experience that will stay with folks for many years to come.  

Destinations and Topics
- Quebec: Harp Seal ecology, Human history, General ecology and geology
- Churchill, MB: Human history/culture, Arctic ecology - polar bears & beluga, Aurora Borealis
- British Columbia: Grizzly & Kermode Bears, Marine mammals, Marine & terrestrial ecosystems
US National Parks:  
- Glacier: Human history/culture, National Park history, Geology, General and specific ecology 
- Yellowstone: Winter ecology  
- Everglades: Watershed ecology
- Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon: Desert ecology, Geology, Human history
- San Juan Islands: Marine ecology - Orca Whales, Human History, Geology
Greenland: Arctic ecology, Glaciology, Climate Change, Human history/culture
China: Human history/culture, Panda ecology & conservation history, General ecology
Mexico: Grey Whale ecology & conservation, General desert ecology, Human history, Geology

Personal Travel
- US National Parks: 20 - other than ones worked in
- Canada: Banff, Lake Louise, Bella Coola 
- Argentina & Chile: Patagonia regions of both
- Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
- Mexico: Monarch Butterfly concentrations
- Belize: developed a new itinerary for a past employer
- Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala
- Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe
- Iceland