May of 1987 was the beginning of some very poignant changes in my life. Having come from very humble beginnings in the heartland of the US, I found myself overwhelmed with the beauty and grandeur of Glacier National Park. Buying a used Canon AE-1 was inspired by that incredible landscape and attempting to capture but a small piece of what enveloped me was the consummate challenge. Since then, I have spent many hours behind the lens endeavoring to reveal a little of the magic that surrounds me. With each experience, I continue to learn - a student of the very things I aspire to share. Our world inspires me every day and my hope is that in sharing these images, others may also be inspired and seek to preserve this precious place we ALL call home. I am a naturalist/guide & photographer who has been sharing these wonders with others for almost 30 years.  To find out more, please have a look at my "about" page.  Thanks for taking a moment to share the beauty.